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What kind of Creative Director will you be?

Our 10-week online program will help you become the Creative Director you’re meant to be.
Starts 16th April 2024.

*Industry experience required.*

Next cohort starts April 16.


Space is limited! We only accept 25 students each intake.

Who is this program for?

Art Directors, Copywriters, Group Heads,
Associate Creative Directors,
New Creative Directors and Non-agency Creative Leads

In other words, any working creative with experience who wants to improve their business and leadership skills.

What you should know about being a creative director
(but nobody tells you).

1. It’s not just about great creative.

Surely you have a brilliant creative mind. Leading a creative team is about more. As a director, you’ll navigate politics, relationships, business demands, and more. You must inspire, nudge, and lead your team into crafting the brilliant work they’re capable of. And most importantly, you must protect creative people and their ideas.

2. Collaboration is not compromise.

A creative director works with their team, other departments, and with project stakeholders to maximize outcomes. Here, you’ll learn how industry experts manage their own a-list teams, and how to ensure that every voice in the room is heard. Crucially, you’ll come to understand that collaboration is more than compromise—it’s an art form that demands we listen deeply and encourage those around us. Only then can we produce work that makes the entire team truly proud.

3. It pays to learn from others’ mistakes.

In this program, you’ll hear and learn directly from experienced directors who’ve been there before. They’ve had the huge successes you aim for…and survived the mistakes you’ll aim to avoid. In these 10 weeks, you’ll have the chance to soak up that wisdom and, with luck, use it to advance your own career.

Your Lead Coach is
Mallika Shankarnarayan

Your Lead Coach is
Mallika Shankarnarayan

Program Director, Miami Ad School
Sri Lanka

With over 22 years of experience in strategic leadership helping brands master the art of having meaningful conversations with people,and providing authentic value exchanges, Mallika Shankarnarayan has mastered the art of purpose-led brand experiences.
A Choice Architect who has created behaviour change for the world’s best marketers –Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Heinz, Johnson & Johnson, Lego and Spotify, amongst others.

She has helped brands grow and create a positive dent in behaviours, culture and community by understanding how people make choices – both rational and irrational. An award-winning strategist, industry veteran, speaker at key industry events, and jurist at Cannes, Spikes and Effies, amongst others, Mallika has led global and regional teams across media, creative and marketing, having worked in Publicis, WPP and IPG across markets like India, China, Japan, Korea and ASEAN.

The Creative Direction Curriculum

What (and how) you’ll be learning.

This 10-week online course gives you the skills and case studies you need to lead creative teams of all sizes.

Class 1: Expectations & Needs

Director/Mentor Mallika Shankarnarayan will review the program with the group and lead you through exercises to help you set goals and identify your individual core value.

Class 2: CCO or ECD

Here you will get expert guidance on how to go from a creator of work to a director and mentor of creative talent.

Class 3: CCO or ECD

Things you need to know when you go from creator to administrator of a
department and Creative Leader.

Class 4: Client

What makes for a great Creative/Client relationship to create an atmosphere in which great work gets recognized and bought.

Class 5: Planning Leader

Planners can/should be your best ally and champion for great work. How
to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect.

Class 6: Account Director

Great Account Directors are a CD’s dream partner. How it works and
how together you can be a creative force with your client.

Class 7: CFO or COO

How does an agency work? The importance of time management,
budgets, billing, and all you need to be aware of to make a profit.

Class 8: People and Culture

How to deal with people. Hiring, firing, negotiating, reviews, and workplace dos and don’ts

Class 9: The Diverse Inclusive Workplace

Things you need to know when you go from creator to administrator of a
department and Creative Leader.

Class 10: Director End Session

A review of what’s been learned. Feedback from all in class. Short program survey and a final Class Networking opportunity.

Our Next Cohort is Starting Soon

Program starts April 16.

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Tuition & Logistics

Tuition cost is LKR 175,000.00 (USD 575 for international students)

Classes run each Tuesday for 10 weeks, from 6 PM to 9 PM (IST), beginning September 6, 2022

Students graduate with a M.AD Creative Director Certificate they can add to their LinkedIn profile.

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