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UX Design Bootcamp


UX As A Career

You’re a born problem-solver with exceptional attention to detail who strives to create the best experience for the task at hand, always with the user in mind. You love to listen, observe and understand, and know how to translate user needs and business goals into compelling designs. You’re a human interaction and user satisfaction guru, who knows how to design for usability, accessibility and ease of interaction. Using user research, strategy, information architecture and interaction design, you bring a human-centred approach to the design of digital experiences. As a UX designer, your decisions affect every move a user makes and enhances their experience from the first click.

“Any designer looking to improve their thought and work process should definitely explore UX methodologies to become a better designer”

Bruna Macedo
Senior Designer, Cossette

Why are Experiences So Important?

Take the Bootcamp Online

Due to Covid-19 we will be running the UX Design Bootcamp entirely online to make the program more accessible for people who are unable to travel or would like to continue social distancing.  The 2020 Bootcamp, planned for last April, was run entirely online with  success, with much of the learning and collaboration actually enhanced by the online environment.

“I’ve really been enjoying the remote learning environment – it’s so unbelievably interesting to decontextualize / re-contextualize everyone in their own homes. It’s been really amazing to see how everyone presents themselves virtually – that’s been a silver lining of remote learning.”

Ben Percifield
Strategy Bootcamp Student, 2020

“Didn’t realize it could still be almost as interactive as a live class. It’s an experience of a lifetime! I love the instructors, MAS team and my course mates.”

Seun Johnson
Strategy Bootcamp Student, 2020

Our Online Learning Environment

We have taken steps to integrate an online learning environment that will ensure that key skills are effectively taught as they would be at our campus in Toronto. We have also been taking cues from our agency partners in adopting their platforms and practices.

This environment consists mainly of online learning platforms listed here. These tools, when used in combination with each other, lead to very effective collaboration and learning. We are also ensuring that there is a tool in place for you to use at any point during the bootcamp.

This environment has been in place since March and has expanding and adapting as we learn more about creative collaboration in the digital space.

Program Breakdown

Become a UX Designer

In just 16 weeks, you’ll be fully immersed in the world of User Experience (UX) design in an online platform. Through a series of mentor-led lectures and hands-on digital working sessions, you’ll explore each stage of the UX design process. These classes and projects will also be supplemented with Toolbox sessions, which teach tangible and transferable skills. The program will conclude with a final week of portfolio reviews with a panel of industry executives.

We are also encouraging that you bring your own passion project to work on alongside the school projects, going though the same process and getting feedback from your instructors.


Student Testimonials

The Instructors that were brought in were fantastic. They all had incredibly great insights into the industry, the role that we should be doing after we’re done with this course, some really good takeaways. It’s intense. It’s fantastic. It is absolutely filled with everything that you’re going to need to get into a UX role.

Teunis VorsteveldFreelance UX Designer

I learned a lot of methodologies that go into creating a website. I had never thought of it in that way before, all the research that goes into it. My experience working on the project was really awesome. It was a good learning curve for me. I had a lot of great feedback from my instructors, and my peers.

Kartikeya SharmaProduct Designer, Workeefy

“The research phase was my favourite part of the bootcamp. We learned how to build a brief, looked into primary research and competitive analysis. I think it’s really important to develop those skills, especially not only as a UX designer but as a graphic designer and art director.

Vanessa CuartasIntegrated Media Designer, Ruckus Digital

The UX bootcamp at MAS was a perfect segue from University/College into working a real job. Not only did I receive superb guidance from people working in the tech industry, but I also made lasting connections with a group of like-minded, passionate, and talented individuals – all while working on with a real client, on a real project. Thanks to MAS, I recently got hired as a Junior UX designer at Canada’s largest advertising agency.

Kat SavinJunior Experience Designer, Publicis Canada

Course Modules

Learn the History of UX Design

Learn about the history and evolution of UX design, and the importance of putting the user at the centre of the design process – you’ll be best friends with your audience in no time.

Understand User Needs

Understand and harness the importance of different research techniques, create appropriate artifacts, and develop an experience brief.

Build a Design Framework

Gather and nurture ideas, and build an experience design framework that illustrates and defines the experiences of different types of users.

Create a Working Prototype

Gain an understanding of UX tools, techniques and best practices. Discover how to refine your ideas, translate them into designs and document them to create memorable experiences.

Test your Work

Learn the ins and outs of user testing and how to apply insights to improve your designs.

Create a Portfolio

Learn how to create a UX design portfolio. Showcase your best work and highlight what employers are looking for to prepare you for the interview that could launch your career.

Learn how to Present

Gain confidence in describing and explaining your work, demonstrate your point of view, and provide rationale for your design decisions.


Design basics, introduction to cognitive psychology, problem solving, collaborating with visual designers, and working with front-end developers.


16 Intensive Weeks | Industry Instructors | Real Projects
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